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Product Review: The Story of Ferdinand

Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for The Story of Ferdinand children’s book

#1: More than 50 years after it was published, The Story of Ferdinand remains one of the bestselling children’s books of all time. This means buying one for your children is like providing them with a reading material that has stood the test of time, and one that will teach them plenty of lessons.

#2: It is considered one of the safest and most effective sleeping pill for youngsters. Parents who read The Story of Ferdinand to their children before bedtime swears by its effectiveness in lulling children to sleep and giving them sweet dreams.

#3: The book The Story of Ferdinand imparts important life lessons on non-violence and why it is better than the opposite. After all, Ferdinand maintains a mellow temperament, even if he grew to be a big and strong bull. It also helps educate children about the history of the tradition of bullfighting.

#4: Offers plenty of opportunities for parent-child bonding. Once your children heard and listened to The Story Ferdinand the bull, they would want to hear it every night. Reading the book before bedtime is one way to spend quality time with your children.

Because of your children’s demands that you read them The Story of Ferdinand before they sleep or at any time of the day, you would have to drop everything else that you are doing, regardless of how important it is. There’s nothing wrong with this except when you are chasing deadlines. If you don’t have the time to read them the book, you can always get the audio CD and play it for your little ones.


The Story of Ferdinand children’s book comes with a Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery that tells you of the soonest date that the book will be delivered. Just look for the “Want it delivered….” message to enjoy quick and guaranteed delivery. What is great about this option is that you will be refunded for the shipping cost, if Amazon fails to deliver on time and your order meets the Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery qualifications.

Value for money?
A timeless classic that children all over the world loves, there is no question that The Story of Ferdinand book is definitely worth investing in. Whether you buy it for your own children or a gift to someone else’s it will be highly appreciated. It is the best way to teach about non-violence, after all.



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