7 Best Disc Golf Discs that Should Offer Great Value for Money


Finding a superior type golf disc can be confusing, particularly when there are tons of products sold in the market these days. In fact, you find it harder to select the best disc golf discs without any idea where to begin. Here are several items that should help you get the product to suit your needs.


  1. Discraft Nuke SS Elit Z Golf Disc

Discraft Nuke SS Elite Z Golf Disc, 167-169 grams
96 Reviews
Discraft Nuke SS Elite Z Golf Disc, 167-169 grams
  • Maximum distance golf driver
  • Recommended for all skill levels
  • Best for newer players who want maximum distance
  • Discraft stability rating for this disc is 1.0
  • Disc colors will vary

This product is an over stable driver that offers maximum distance with its flat top and wide rim to deliver superior range off the tee regardless of the wind conditions. It has been used by pros as a main driver. It is also a very fast disc that ends in an excellent glide.


  1. Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

Ultra-Star 175G Ultimate Disc - White
3376 Reviews
Ultra-Star 175G Ultimate Disc - White
  • The world standard for the sport of Ultimate
  • Official and exclusive disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series since 1991.
  • Listed among the 31 things all men should own by Esquire magazine
  • 175 grams
  • Foil color on the disc will vary

It is referred to as the world standard for the sport of Ultimate and the official disc since 1991 in the USA Ultimate Championship Series. It has a contoured grip with aerodynamic engineering. It is also the standard for performance, consistency, and quality.


Ultimate is a game that is fast-paced, but non-contact in nature that combines the athletic endurance and non-stop movement of soccer but using football’s aerial passing skills.


  1. Innova Star Destroyer

No products found.

This product is a quite stable and speedy long distance driver. It is more like a quick Wraith, but has a little more low and high speed stability. This is an excellent disc for sidearm throwers as well as those who have lots of power. It can handle headwinds as well as throws having an off axis torque. However, it is not advisable for beginners.


  1. Innova – Champion Discs Blizzard Champion Boss Golf Disc

Innova - Champion Discs Blizzard Champion Boss Golf Disc, 151-159gm (Colors may vary)
116 Reviews
Innova - Champion Discs Blizzard Champion Boss Golf Disc, 151-159gm (Colors may vary)
  • Lighter weights = More distance with less effort and Blizzard Champion offers Superior durability in light weight plastic
  • The Blizzard Champion Line has been adding distance for both pros and ams; The Blizzard Champion Boss currently holds the Distance World Record at 255 meters
  • Blizzard technology incorporates thousands of microbubbles into our durable Champion plastic
  • Speed 13, Glide 5, Turn 0 and Fade 3
  • Colors May Vary

Blizzard Champion has superior durability with its lightweight plastic component. With lighter weights, it can achieve more distance with lesser effort. Likewise, this line of products has added considerable distance for both amateurs and pros alike. Currently, the Blizzard Champion Boss holds the world record with 255m. This may seem to be among the best disc golf discs that you can buy.


  1. Axiom Proton Insanity Driver

No products found.

The Insanity is a driver that can achieve stable and under stable distance. This is perfect for throwers with average power in which the result can be remarkably straight. Likewise, power throwers can make precise flip and turnover lines easily. This product is best known to be a worn-in MVP Inertia, having more high-speed turn with diminished fade.


  1. Gateway S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo


This is the newest, fastest, and most accurate putter in the product line made by Gateway. Aside from being a straight line putter, it is also a great lay-up disc. It should feel so comfortable to the hand.


  1. Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc

S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo 170-175g, Colors May Vary
237 Reviews
S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo 170-175g, Colors May Vary
  • Plastic: Gateway "Sure Grip" S Series
  • Stiffness: Super Stupid Soft
  • Weight Range: 165-175g
  • Colors May Vary

Currently, this product holds the World Distance Record at 820ft. Having said that, it should be one of the best disc golf discs that you can purchase in the market today. With lighter weights, players can get extra distance. It can also provide players with extreme range when throwing downwind. At maximum weights, it can also give superb upwind distance. The flight characteristics and high speed turn of this product can make it a great selection for long-range turnover rollers and shots.






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