PRS Exclusive Limited Edition Custom SE 24 Electric Guitar (Tobacco Sunburst) Review

PRS Exclusive Tobacco Sunburst 2015 Limited Edition Custom SE 24 Electric Guitar
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PRS Exclusive Tobacco Sunburst 2015 Limited Edition Custom SE 24 Electric Guitar
  • Beveled Maple Top and Flame Maple Veneer, Mahogany Back
  • Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard with 24 Frets, and Bird Fretboard Inlays
  • PRS Designed Tuners, SE HFS Treble Humbucker, SE 245 Vintage Humbucker, and Tremolo Bridge
  • Volume and Push/Pull Tone Control with 3-Way Blade Pickup Selector
  • Includes: PRS Gig Bag

Company: Amazon via Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Who Would Buy This: Those who are shopping for the PRS Exclusive Limited Edition Custom SE 24 Electric Guitar are looking to bring their guitar playing performance to another level.

All the features and appointments of this guitar from Paul Reed Smith Guitars would clearly state its purpose. Paying homage to the original Maryland-made Custom 24, which Paul Smith took to his first tradeshow in 1985, the SE Custom 24 features the SE Vintage Bass and SE HFS and pickups, tone and volume controls with a 3-way toggle, a tremolo designed by PRS, a wide thin neck and bird inlays. Altogether, these perks can create a sound like no other.


The PRS Exclusive Limited Edition Custom SE 24 Electric Guitar (Tobacco Sunburst) really looks special. It is very well detailed, without a mark and with every detail being well done. Its finish is amazing and its frets are smoothly polished as glass. Plus, the letter that comes with it suggests that you can check all adjustments and offers set-up specs that you can follow.

Used with equipment from other brands, such as cables and reverbs, the Custom SE 24 sounds pretty good, with a set of 9s. The pickups, which seem to be closer to each other than many other guitars, produce a nice crisp and clean sound. The bridge produces a bit deeper sound, and the tone control knob allows for a nice single coil sound when lifted. Though not quite the same with the sound of the Stratocaster or Telecaster, it is clean and clear.

This guitar’s tobacco finish is quite nice, with a neck that is silky smooth and pups that are excellent for classic or southern rock.


While it has great perks, this particular guitar from PRS does have tuning instability issues. You would notice that even after you stretch out the strings, it would not take much to pull a string out of tune upon playing and string bending. However, you can deal with this issue by replacing its stock nut to improve tuning stability. Aside from this minor drawback, you would not find anything on the Custom SE 24 that is overdone. Features, settings, strings and even the tremolo bar—these are all nicely finished and work smoothly without getting off tune.


You can request the manufacturer’s warranty from the customer service of Amazon.

Value for Money

The PRS Exclusive Limited Edition Custom SE 24 Electric Guitar is definitely worth the money. Its neck pickup provides some of the best clean sounds you will ever hear coming out of a guitar, especially within its price range. As the pickups are versatile, they can be good for some distortion and can play comfortably in the rock and softer metal range. As normally though, you should give the guitar a test drive before you buy!



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