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Southern Living
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Southern Living
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Price Range: $19.95 – $64.87

Who Would Buy This: Those who are buying the Southern Living magazine can get great ideas on home improvement, entertaining, decorating, travel and cooking, not to mention its signature recipes!

The purpose of this lifestyle magazine is to bring the elegance and beauty of the style in the South to all of your decorating, gardening and cooking endeavors. Basically, it looks into all aspects of living in the region and gives you a comprehensive view of the activities in towns and cities, such as Atlanta, New Orleans and Charlottesville.



The Southern Living magazine recipes combine modern cooking techniques with historic Southern culinary delights, so you will be able to prepare delectable meals to impress your family and friends. You will be enkindled to try out their recipes yourself with its fantastic food photography and explore your kitchen more with round-up features that offer plenty of new options and alternatives. For ultimate guest entertainment for a party, you can also get decorating ideas and food suggestions.

Also, this lifestyle magazine offers travel articles related to things around South, covering the most interesting historic and modern sites there. It provides overviews of fascinating locales and features suggestions for Southern shops and restaurants where you can get a true taste of the communities you are exploring. This means you can also bring a touch of the Southern style to your own home with tips that cover gardening and interior design.

Whether you live in the South or just have a special place in your heart for it, the columns in this magazine will have you longing to spend special moments in the place.


While there are great things you can get from the Southern Living magazine, there is one common downside to it that is recently noticed by some avid readers. According to them, some things that made the magazine special seem to be gone, even stating that the articles are interchangeable with the articles in any other home and garden magazine. However, we can just assume that these changes happened because of the state of the magazine industry. Nevertheless, Southern Living still boasts of great articles on cooking, decorating and travel, with really beautiful and enticing photos. Moreover, it is good to know that the magazine carries its share of ads well.


Subscription to the magazine includes 13 issues and is renewable for 1 year at the lowest renewal rate that is available on Amazon.

Value for Money

Bringing in the comforts of the South, the Southern Living magazine is worth the purchase. With it, you can learn new great ideas on decorating and cooking. Though there are some drawbacks experienced by some individuals, these normally happen to almost all things, and they still do not outweigh the pros. At a small cost, you will have a guide to making your home better!



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