The 5 Best Automatic Fish Feeders


Having an aquarium is one of the best ways to brighten up your home, but remembering to feed your fish can be a huge challenge. This is particularly true if you spend most of the day at work and/or are busy with various tasks. Fortunately, you can now buy the best automatic fish feeder and use it to ensure that your fish get fed on time. It’s a great way to keep your pets healthy without having to constantly remind yourself about their feeding schedule.


There are lots of options to choose from in the market, so we’ve listed the best possible models below to help you make the right choice. Browse through these high-quality devices to select the best automatic fish feeder.



1. EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser

EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser
2467 Reviews
EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser
  • Great For Everyday Use Whether You Are Home Or Away
  • Set It And Let If Feed Your Fish Everyday.Packing dimensions(Width) 2.7 inch,Packing dimensions(Height) 5.87 inch,Packing dimensions(Depth) 3.43 inch
  • Convenient worry-free feeding for healthy fish
  • Easy To Set Up And Use And Includes Easy Start Guide
  • Integrated Fan And Ventilation System Keeps The Food Dry

EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder is easy to set up and use, so you can operate it even without a lot of technical background. Simply program the settings you want, and you’re good to go! The unit comes with an integrated fan and ventilation system that keeps the food dry and prevents it from spoiling. It will also dispense accurate portions of food to ensure your fish get the nutrition they need while preventing overfeeding.


2. KLAREN 2008D Digital Automatic Fish Feeder

This device can handle a maximum of four feedings in a day, which is more than enough for most aquariums. Its small, compact body allows you to save space in your aquarium and ensures that the device will fit even in the smallest of tanks. Installing and operating the feeder is easy; simply adjust the slider to program the amount of food that’s released per feeding.


3. Rusee Daily 6 Times Automatic Fish Feeder

Daily 6 Times Automatic Fish Feeder Aquarium Tank Feeders Auto Food Timer Pet Feeding Dispenser on Schedule with Time Dials / Bracket Manual Start Time for Everyday and Holiday
75 Reviews
Daily 6 Times Automatic Fish Feeder Aquarium Tank Feeders Auto Food Timer Pet Feeding Dispenser on Schedule with Time Dials / Bracket Manual Start Time for Everyday and Holiday
  • Automatic Fish Feeder can set up auto feeding on regular schedule, easy time dials programming for the maximum auto feeding time up to 6 times per day, easy to set up and use and includes easy start guide, convenient worry-free feeding for healthy fish, automatically feeds your fish while you're away.
  • Auto Aquarium Feeders is the reliable and accurate dials timer, it can dispense the accurate amount of fish food with adjustable setting according to your pets' healthy diet, it not only serves up to many individual meals, but also it is not easy to leave food residues.
  • It come with the adjustable time dials, when you set up the time dials by adjusting the slider, you may increase or decrease the amount of food dispensed per rotation, then press the manual start time button. Easy to operate and installation, manual and automatic.
  • Battery operated Automatic Food Timer is brand new and its mini unique shape, it has the bracket, can clamp onto any tank, space-saving for your aquarium.
  • It is ideal for most types of fish food, suitable for flakes, pellets and detritus food, can be used to feed fresh or saltwater fish, turtles, newts and frogs, ideal fish feeder for terrariums and aquariums. Safe and convenient automatic feeder is simple to install and operate.

If you have a big aquarium and a large number of fish, you’ll want to get this feeder. It’s capable of six automatic feedings per day and has a unique shape that makes it easy to clamp on almost any tank. Simply program the amount of food that you want to be released for each meal, then press the start time button. This feeder is great for aquariums but can also be used in terrariums for frogs and newts.


4. KLAREN 2003D Digital Automatic Fish Feeder

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This device comes with a digital timer that allows you to set regular feeding schedules with ease. It can accommodate dry, loose food like flakes and pellets, and its unique design keeps the food away from moisture while ensuring they won’t clog up the opening. You can mount the unit on the aquarium’s rim or place it inside the tank in a freestanding position.


5. Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder
605 Reviews
Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder
  • Serves up to 14 individual meals
  • Feeds all fish foods, including flake
  • Easy to use timer provides from 1 to 4 meals per day
  • Reliable and accurate quartz timer
  • Battery condition indicator

It can accommodate all types of fish food and is large enough to contain up to 14 meals. It comes with an accurate and highly reliable quartz timer that you can set to release up to four meals in a day. You can attach the unit to a small air pump to keep the food dry and prevent it from going stale. The F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder is ideal for small to medium-sized aquariums; if you have a large tank, you can combine two feeders to accommodate your pets’ nutritional needs.



Browse through these makes and models to choose the best automatic fish feeder for your aquarium!



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