Which Are the Best Romance Novels Around?


Romance novel readers would agree on only one thing—each they read should have a “happily ever after” ending. By weighing in on the b and crucial aspects, we offer a list of what romance novels you should be reading right now. Keep in mind that this list is not a subjective, but one that gathers up the most crucial books in the genre. Let us take a look at which books rule the romance novel category these days.


  1. “Luke: A West Bend Saints Romance”, Kindle Edition, by Sabrina Paige
Luke (West Bend Saints Book 3)
428 Reviews
Luke (West Bend Saints Book 3)
  • Sabrina Paige
  • Kindle Edition
  • Edition no. 2 (12/25/2015)
  • English

Based on an advance reader copy of the hard copy, this Kindle version shows Paige taking another winner in her main characters. Creating the best book yet in the “West Bend Saints” series, the author has nicely tied up all the loose ends from previous releases in the series, making the plot lines entertaining and intricate. This novel particularly centers on Luke Saint, who is a man struggling with his family history, avoiding commitments and staying on the move constantly. Also, it is about Autumn, a woman who left her past in Kentucky and came to West Bend to continue on a new life with her daughter, Olivia. Never expecting a second chance at happiness nor consciously looking for love, she found both, so did Luke.


One thing you might notice when reading this book is that it is written very well with an extremely hot couple involved in an interesting story line. But if you are not that inclined to stories about sex, you will be in for a ride, as this book describes sex too graphic.


  1. “GRIND”, Kindle Edition, by Joanna Blake

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Think sweet innocent girl meeting a hot stripper. However, the key here is that they are old friends, and one kiss is all it takes for the girl to bolt town. The man in the story, Chandler, remembers the kiss and cannot believe who he finds sitting on his stage. Of all the women who throw themselves at him on a regular basis, she is the one girl he cannot forget, but is already engaged. Not only this, but also her fiancé is someone who has an attitude that needs to go. Now, Mr. Grind himself is the one showing her that he is what she needs, and not the douche she is engaged to.


The story is a quick read, with is humor, sex, danger and the element of surprise. For the too-trusting girl in the story, Carolina, finds out the hard way that she should not be so free with emotions she have, with Chandler setting out to save her from the man she is about to marry and stop at nothing to make sure she is safe and his. With the fact that there is excitement, along with some steamy stuff, in this quick read, it is overall not a bad novel.


However, you might notice and can tell that a woman was writing a man, as well as would not be totally sold on the villain. The whole thing happening to quickly would be the only factor readers will be really afraid of him. Moreover, it is also possible that you would not be overwhelmed with the feelings while reading this novel.


  1. “About That Fling”, Kindle Edition, by Tawna Fenske
About That Fling
1219 Reviews
About That Fling
  • Tawna Fenske
  • Montlake Romance
  • Kindle Edition
  • English

Many people are huge fans of funny storytellers and see humor as compliment to an author, even feeling bad for those who are not in on the joke. Well, author Tawna Fenske seems to understand this belief, trying to completely pull readers into a novel that they would burst of laughter in cafes, grin anywhere they are sitting or blush on subways.


One thing about this novel is that it does not only make you laugh from the opening scene, but also takes some tears and sniffles from you while reading between the characters’ steamy kisses. The characters in the story, Jenna and Adam, start their acquaintance as a one-nighter for fun, but with the hope of more. However, when they unexpectedly meet a few days later while working, they realized that a real relationship would be impossible. Although you have not experienced the same predicament in your life, you could not stop relating to their relationships, victories, failures, hopes and dreams, while you read this book.


Considering the notion, “To write a good book, you should stick to what you know”, it would be easy to think that the author’s life must have been purely comedic. The fact is that Fenske’s creative genius has allowed her to write about love and life in a way that lets you know that someone has been where you have been.


However, there are things in this book that might invoke a reader’s dislike, such as the unlikeable character of Mia (Adam’s ex-wife and Jenna’s best friend) until the very last chapter, Jenna’s unethical job that does not seem to bother her and Adam’s almost-too-perfect character.


  1. “A Wicked Kiss: An Erotic Thriller”, Kindle Edition, by M. S. Parker
A Wicked Kiss
98 Reviews
A Wicked Kiss
  • M. S. Parker
  • Belmonte Publishing, LLC
  • Kindle Edition
  • English

This is a novel with an exceptional story of love and intrigue, with suspense continuing through its entirety. It portrays the main character, Shae Lockwood, trying to make peace with her life as a widow after Allen, her husband, committed suicide. When reading this book, you would come up with questions about Jasper, who is Allen’s best friend and then live-in lover of Shae, and Aime, who is the jilted ex-lover of Allen from years ago at college. For Jasper’s secretary, you would also wonder what she has to hide. This novel is truly an excellent creative writing that is known in the author.


Just a suggestion though—do not finish this book before bed or late at night, as it will not let you sleep! It is a cliff hanger above all cliff hangers.


  1. “Four Week Fiancé”, Kindle Edition, by Helen Cooper
Four Week Fiancé (Four Week Fiance Series Book 1)
838 Reviews

Well, a reader could say that this novel is hot and could love it from start to finish. Mila, the main character, has a secret crush on her brother’s best friend, TJ Walker, since her younger years. Basically, TJ is considered a member of her family, and the problem is, her crush on him has turned into a full-blown love, while TJ only sees her as his little sister. Or, that is what she thinks!


Recently out of college, Mila decides that it is time to finally make her move on TJ on a family trip, where she seeks help from her best friend, Sally, to help make it happen. But as with Cooper’s books, there is a great twist that Mila did not expect. It turns out that TJ has many secrets he is keeping from everyone, with Mila finding out exactly who he is.


If you cannot handle too much emotion, you would find this book too overwhelming for you, as it has a roller coaster of emotions, with love-hate relationships creating the perfect amount of sexual angst.




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