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Product Review: Better Homes and Gardens

Who Would Buy This: Those who will buy the Better Homes and Gardens magazine will get some great information on making the homes look and feel better.

The purpose of this home and garden magazine is to offer readers a vibrant and down-to-earth guide for women who are passionate about their personal havens and all that they encompass.


The Better Homes and Gardens magazine offers a chock full of ideas that people, especially mothers, we can really use. With great photography, it really sets itself apart from other magazines by featuring houses with a hint of life—newspaper on the table, slippers on the floor and, often, owners of homes present in the pictures, as well. Though some shots are sometimes blurred from movement, they are actually nicer than a posed shot, as they help set the feeling that the featured homes are lived in and are attainable.

Also, this home and garden magazine has a lot of nice décor ideas, not to mention some simply terrific recipes. As an example, one of its editions offers some ideas on displaying gourds, community pumpkin patch, planting with neighbors, and then harvesting. Some of its editions offer numerous articles on various topics, including remodeling, the joys of having hardy succulents in your home and on the Ojai, California garden of actor Peter Strauss. There are also those on recipes that are so good that they might end up in your family’s table for generations.

This magazine is also good if you are busy between work and errands, as its articles are brief and easy to read, yet inspiring and interesting. Each issue would include articles about family and friends, interior design, gardening, building, health, food and shopping.


For old fans and subscribers of the BHG years, they might notice that advertisements in the magazine have increased greatly. Some of them even think that it has a lower cover price than some of its competitors, but makes up for it with a massive amount of ads that contain coupons. Also, the paper is also a lot thinner compared to higher-priced home and garden publications. Nevertheless, these drawbacks cannot outweigh its benefits, such as helpful home improvement information you can use for yourself. With it, you can create a place where you can live conveniently with your family and entertain—and impress—guests.


Subscription to this magazine will be automatically renewed for 1 year at the lowest rate that would be available to Amazon customers.

Value for Money
Considering all the benefits you can get from purchasing the Better Homes and Gardens magazine, it will surely be a worthy investment to make. At a very cheap cost, you will be able to have some creative ideas on making your home a better place to live.



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