The Story of Ferdinand

No products found. Product Review: The Story of Ferdinand Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for The Story of Ferdinand children’s book Pros: #1: More than 50 years after it was published, The Story of Ferdinand remains one of the bestselling children’s books of all time. This means buying one for your children is like Read More

Gone with the Wind

Sale 2503 Reviews Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind 75th Anniversary EditionMargaret MitchellPublisher: ScribnerEdition no. 0 (05/03/2011)Paperback: 960 pages $19.99 – $4.72 $15.27 Buy on Amazon Product Review: Gone with the Wind Pros: #1: There is always something special about a physical book that you can hold, the smell of the pages, and Read More

The Cheapest Textbooks

The Cheapest Textbooks   Books can be very expensive, especially when you purchase them from official bookstores. They can really put a dent in any student’s budget, but thanks to specialized textbook websites, particularly Amazon, you can buy new and used textbooks at very reasonable prices. Considering the plethora of textbooks under a wide range Read More

The Best Graphic Novels

The Best Graphic Novels   Whether you are totally new to or already an avid fan of the world of speech bubbles, this list of the best in the graphic novel category is a testament to the geniuses behind narrative storytelling. These words with pictures (or vice versa) are a great starting point to explore Read More

Best Romance Novels

Which Are the Best Romance Novels Around?   Romance novel readers would agree on only one thing—each they read should have a “happily ever after” ending. By weighing in on the b and crucial aspects, we offer a list of what romance novels you should be reading right now. Keep in mind that this list Read More