Top 5 Games Like Final Fantasy You Must Play Before You Die


The Final Fantasy franchise is a pretty popular one. It’s one of the best role-playing games on the planet and its journey began in 1987. So yes, it’s rather ancient and has spawned 14 games related to the main series with a 15th coming soon. The game’s popularity doesn’t just stop there: it has some spinoffs as well as shows and films based on it.

In Final Fantasy, players are battling evil – usually an ancient one – in a world that involves a state in rebellion, which the players will be involved with. One of the best aspects of the game is the introduction of two villains, one will be introduced early but isn’t exactly the main antagonist.

There’s so many games to explore in the Final Fantasy series, but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to explore other games like Final Fantasy.


Top Games Similar To Final Fantasy


  1. Lost Odyssey
Lost Odyssey - Xbox 360
231 Reviews
Lost Odyssey - Xbox 360
  • 1 Player
  • Dolby 5.1 Surround
  • HDTV 1080p

The setting of this game is somewhat similar to some of the games in the Final Fantasy series. Well, given it was also developed by the same person who created Final Fantasy, why wouldn’t it be?

The game centers around the character Kaim who is an immortal who has lost his memory. The storyline follows his adventures in world that is slowly embracing the industrial revolution. Throughout the game, he must also deal with memories that are creeping its way back.

In Lost Oddyssey, the combat is a turn-based battle system. Players will use spells during battle and the ones they have to find spells in order to use them.


2. Xenogears

Xenogears - PlayStation
211 Reviews
Xenogears - PlayStation
  • Instructions and game case may not be included

Set in a futuristic environment, one that has been torn apart by war. The nations in this world compete for fuel and power and mechanical warriors abound to destroy enemies.

The strong plot makes this one of the games like Final Fantasy. The combat here is also turn-based but it also features a dual-battle system which allows players to take control of a mechanical warrior to fight the enemy or just battle them without it. While magic isn’t relied on, players can use spells in the game.


  1. Shadow Hearts
Shadow Hearts
107 Reviews
Shadow Hearts
  • Unknown
  • Midway Entertainment
  • Video Game
  • Edition no. 0 (01/01/1970)

This game is set in a world pre-World War I. You will either find this game addicting or baffling due to the strange plot. This game also features a turn-based combat system that isn’t quite traditional.


  1. Valkyria Chronicles
Sega - Valkyria Chronicles Remastered PlayStation 4 Standard Edition
164 Reviews
Sega - Valkyria Chronicles Remastered PlayStation 4 Standard Edition
  • "BLiTZ" Tactical Battle System: Players will command and control their soldiers and tanks as they take on the Empire in 30 different battlefronts.
  • Memorable Storyline: Set against the backdrop of a world war, fight in the name of freedom, and the hope against all odds, all in the face of the terrible realities of war.
  • Deep Customization: Over 100 customizable characters allow players to create a variety of platoons to suit each battle's needs.
  • DLC Included: Besides the core game, this package includes all previously released DLC: Hard EX Mode, Edy's Mission, Selvaria's Mission, and Challenge of the Edy Detachment.
  • Japanese & English in-game voices: Enjoy playing with the original Japanese and English in-game voices, and English text.

Set in a World War II-like world, players assume the character of a hero who gets thrown in the war when his town – which is neutral to the war – gets attacked. In the game, you form a militia that will protect the town from invaders.


  1. Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX - PlayStation 4
530 Reviews
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX - PlayStation 4
  • Six of the series' most highly regarded titles in one HD Mix for the first time in PS4
  • Six games on one disc for $49.99
  • More than 150 hours of gamePlay
  • Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) Content Description: Fantasy violence, mild blood, use of alcohol

A lot have been calling Kingdom Hearts a clone of Final Fantasy, but one that isn’t quite as rich. However, this game does have a real-time combat system and the plot is rather unique as well. One of the nice aspects of this game is that it features guest characters from Disney as well as Final Fantasy. Some of the environments of this game are similar to settings found in Disney films.



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